Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Danielle!

Up at 8:00 a.m. today, although I'd been waking up and going back to sleep all morning - it's got to be the liquid Vicodin I've been taking for my back.  Gives me weird dreams and not quite consistent sleep.  Harry came to the side of the bed telling me, "Daddy go to wok."  I got up to find both Harry and Olivia up - Olivia outside with the cats, her usual place in the morning.  Reminded her to feed them.  Started breakfast, listening for Eve.  No sound from her room, so I went about making toast and oatmeal for the kids.  Joe called during his morning break/walk and we talked awhile.  Still no Evie.  At almost 10:00 a.m. I hear Eve stirring.  Her room is really dark since Joe hung up the blackout curtains.  They may be bright pink, but they definitely keep the light out.  It's also overcast today - starting to cool down finally and rain is predicted this week.  Thank goodness - this 90+ degree heat at the end of September was atrocious.  Eve is up but whimpering and very hot.  Take her temp to find it is about 102.  Harry was feverish yesterday but seems fine today.  Carissa said there was scarlet fever going around and to check for a rash.  I don't see anything - but Eve is definitely not feeling well.  She cries a bit when I pick her up, which means she must be achy and sore.  Got Olivia ready and to school at 11:30.  Back home and getting invitations addressed for Eve's party on the 30th.  Decided not to invite everyone we know - we want to keep it relatively small and intimate, which is nearly impossible given the size of our families.

Eve down for nap again at 1:00 and still sleeping when I started dinner at 4:45.  She is obviously not feeling well...poor baby.  I hate for my kids to be sick.  Harry engrossed in his Nick Jr. computer games - he is spending way too much time on the computer.  He needs preschool badly!  Olivia working on her usual daily artwork.  Today she painted, cut, stamped and glued hearts.  She has made quite a gallery over the desk in their bedroom.  Seriously thinking about buying her an art center to keep all her supplies and also have a place to work.  Today she chose to work outside at the little table.  She really is an amazing artist and the fact that she spends several hours a day painting, coloring, drawing, markering...it's obviously something she got from her dad.  She loves art and she has a gift.  I need to find a way to save her work - i need to buy some big binders and sheet protecters to put her favorites.  Right now she is working on flowers, people, houses, suns with eyebrows, and lots of color! 

We are planning a trip to Sacramento this weekend to see Danielle and Danny for their birthdays.  Think we're going to squeeze Mom and Steve's birthdays in there as well...should be fun.  Haven't gone up there since Danielle's wedding in March.  It's a bit of a trek to get all the kids up there.  I always stress about where we'll all sleep and eat and dress and all of that.  But this time Julie and Jeff are getting a hotel room so we can stay with Danny and Stacy.

Dinner of tacos - made these with leftover steak - yummy.  Showers and storytime - Harry won't let me leave the room without reading at least two, usually three, books.  Everyone in bed by 8:15 except Eve.  Dad went out to get her chewable Tylenol and that did the trick!  She thinks it's yummy and won't spit it out - woo hoo!  Finally got her down around 9:00 p.m.  Watched a little TV and worked on paperwork.  Getting late now...to bed.  Looking forward to tomorrow's predicted rain!

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